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The north western coast of Bali as well as the Island of Menjangan is spoiled with plenty of different dive sites. The area has one of the world biggest biodiversity and is heaven especially for under water photographers.

In addition to the day trips we are the only dive operator in the area who organizes frequent night dives for you – even to more distant sites like Puri Jati. Let’s go and discover the fascinating creatures of the day and of the night!

Dive Base


The dive base is fully equipped with top gear (Aqualung), Bauer Compressor, emergency kit including oxygen and room for your personal equipment. To rinse your precious under water camera there is an extra section in the washing basins.

The staff is trained in equipment maintenance and happy to assist you also with your personal gear.

32% ean (nitrox) can be arranged upon request.

Diving Excursions


To get the best out of the dives for everybody, small groups are matched based on their dive goals, level of experience and comfort.


Safety is our first concern, so an emergency kit including oxygen is always with us at the dive site / on the boat. Dives are kept within no-decompression limits and the surface intervals are minimum one hour.


Most of the dives are quite shallow, so the maximum dive time can be up to 90+ minutes!


Pemuteran Outer Reefs

In just a few minutes by Jukung (local outrigger boat) we reach several outer reefs.

Just to name a few there is the colourful Napoleon Reef and Close Encounter, an Under Water Temple covered in soft corals as well as our much beloved Deep Reef with its exclusive Nudies.


abundance of Tropical Reef Fishes, school of Jacks, Nudibranches, Eel Garden, Baby Sharks, Electric File Clams, Cowries, Turtles, Pipefishes

Sudi in Menjangan

Menjangan Island

In 20 minutes by speedboat we reach the Island of Menjangan. This famous Island is a marine park within the national Park Bali Barat and offers one of the world’s biggest biodiversity.

There are many different dive sites around Menjangan. Massive walls and white sand slopes are home to many tropical reef fish. Visibility of 20 - 50 meters and none to soft current are ideal conditions even for beginners.



massive walls with healthy corals, huge Sea Fans, Turtles, Reef Sharks, Day Octopus, Pigmy Sea Horse, Eel Garden, Nudibranch


Puri Jati

Our all time favourite dive site is located 45min by car towards Seririt. The volcanic sand and several fresh water rivers coming into the bay create a perfect habitat for the strange critters we love.



Mimic Octopus, Pigmy Pipehorse, Ambon Scorpionfish, Coconut Octopus, diff. Frogfish, diff. Sea Horse, Tozuma Shrimp, Cacatoo Wasp Fish, diff. Sea Moth, diff. Sea Hare, diff. Nudibranch, Star Gazer (night), Bobtail Squid (night)

Reeftop Pipefish

Pemuteran Jetty

Macro photographers love it. The Jetty here in the Bay of Pemuteran is a fantastic muck dive site for the day and especially for the night. Between moorings and ropes we find rare critters.

Bumble Bee Shrimps, Saron Shrimps, Donald Duck Shrimps, Decorator Crabs, Coconut and Starry Night Octopus, Nudibranches, Ghost Pipe Fish, Frogfish

Bio Rock

Bio Rock

In the Bay of Pemuteran there is the world biggest artificial reef. The project started in the year 2000. In the meanwhile the first structures are fully covered with corals. The newer structures of the ongoing project are – depending how long they are in the water – partly covered with corals or good examples to learn how to recover a reef. The whole project is home to many different kinds of tropical reef fish.



Impressive example how rewarding it is to protect and maintain the beauty of nature. It works!

school of Snapper, Barracuda, Turtle

Halgerda Batangas

House Reef

200 meters from the dive shop we can jump directly into the water. There we find a slope shaped reef. The white sandy bottom at around 26m is a garden of huge sea fans and other hard and soft corals.

Garden of Sea Fans (3+m!), Pink Eyed Goby, Blue Spotted Stingray, diff. Nudibranches, Sarasvati Shrimps

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